Heroes of Scene Achievement List

Training complete! Training complete!
Complete training
Cutthroat Cutthroat
Kill 10 enemies in game mode
Town builder Town builder
Build the maximum number of buildings in a battle with the player
Fast victory Fast victory
Win a player for 30 seconds
Lucky Lucky
Get two rare cards at same time
Advanced economy Advanced economy
Get the increase any resource more than +10 sec in game mode
Hail Mary Hail Mary
Win with less than 10% health of gate in game mode
Unappreciated Hero Unappreciated Hero
Defeat your opponents with a rating higher than you more than 500 units
Terracotta army Terracotta army
You need to have 10 heroes in same time
Survivable Survivable
Win with full health of gates in game mode
Wizard Wizard
Use 100 spells in game mode
Lord Lord
Summon 100 heroes in game mode
Merchant Merchant
Exchange 1000 resource time or more