Hero Defense Achievement List

Slayer Slayer
Kill 50,000 Creeps
Spellmaster Spellmaster
Kill 500 Creeps with Spells
Saviour Saviour
Fully upgrade the Village
Master Blacksmith Master Blacksmith
Upgrade every weapon to the highest level
It Begins It Begins
Reach the Village
He Is Here He Is Here
Survive your first encounter with Count Necrosis
The Father The Father
Defeat Count Necrosis
Family Legacy Family Legacy
Defeat Count Necrosis, once and for all
Bone Crusher Bone Crusher
Defeat Bones O’Malley
Granimosity Granimosity
Defeat the Queen of Corpses
Hell Hath No Fury Hell Hath No Fury
Defeat Dr. Amalgam
King of Wolves King of Wolves
Defeat Redfang Wrathborn
Envy Envy
Defeat Alana Nightshade
Gravedigger Gravedigger
Unlock Barrows
Burn Them! Burn Them!
Unlock Sam Hain
Pretty Deadly Pretty Deadly
Unlock Jane Doe
Halfblood Halfblood
Unlock Wylde
Blot Out the Sun Blot Out the Sun
Have Jack shoot 10 bolts at once
Viva lá Revolucion Viva lá Revolucion
Kill any boss using only Angry Mobs
Everybody Be Cool Everybody Be Cool
Have Barrows slow at least 20 creeps with a single attack
Fantastic Five Fantastic Five
Have all heroes do their Hero’s Strike at the same time
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy
Win a map on Insane difficulty with 100% Early Called waves
Hoarder Hoarder
Have at least one rune of each type
Orbs, Orbs, Orbs Orbs, Orbs, Orbs
Charge a character to level 10
Like a Rock Like a Rock
Complete the “Tower Defense” challenge on Insane difficulty on any map
The Warden The Warden
Complete the “Border Warden” challenge on Insane difficulty on any map
Coast Guard Coast Guard
Complete the “Coast Guard” challenge on Insane difficulty on any map
Hidden Achievement
Big Thanks Big Thanks
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Silent But Deadly Silent But Deadly
Hit at least 20 creeps with a single poison spell
Overkill Overkill
Kill a creep that is slowed, poisoned, burning, cursed, scared and cut by razor splinters at the same time
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
Find all the easter eggs hidden in the game. You can only get this achievement during our Easter event.
Like Rabbits Like Rabbits
Have 50 easter bunnies alive at the same time. You can only get this achievement during our Easter event.
First Blood First Blood
Win your first Multiplayer match.
Hunter Hunter
Win 10 Multiplayer matches.
Multislayer Multislayer
Win 100 Multiplayer matches.
The Legend The Legend
Win 1000 Multiplayer matches.
Master Thief Master Thief
Steal 5,000 gold in multiplayer.
Buzzkill Buzzkill
Steal 1,000 kills in multiplayer.
Greed Greed
Steal all the opponent’s gold in a multiplayer match.
Skillster Skillster
Reach a skill rating of 1,200 in a main season.
Slayer of Giants Slayer of Giants
Defeat an opponent who is at least 50 ranks above you.
Close Call Close Call
Win a multiplayer match with 1 life left.
Immovable Object Immovable Object
Win a multiplayer match without moving your heroes.
Superstar Superstar
Gather all stars on all maps.
Wave Breaker Wave Breaker
Defeat over 100 waves in the Endless Mode.
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster
Defeat the Ghost Pumpkin.