Heaven’s Hope Achievement List

The mouser The mouser
Resuscitate the mouse
An Angel on earth An Angel on earth
Don earthly attire
The constructor The constructor
Create Anselm
The nutty professor The nutty professor
Find the professor
Avoid the evil Avoid the evil
Drive away the goat
The comedy: act one The comedy: act one
The blueprint is complete
A thieving angel? A thieving angel?
Steal an object
A true angel A true angel
Complete the game without stealing any objects
The explorer The explorer
Visit all locations
The comedy: act two The comedy: act two
Find all parts for the flying machine
Outlaw Outlaw
Collect all tickets
Talking is golden Talking is golden
Talk to every character
The power of an angel The power of an angel
You’ve got your halo back!
The comedy: act three The comedy: act three
Bring the airship into position
I'll be back I’ll be back
Game completed
The exorcist The exorcist
Defeat the demon
Rest in Peace Rest in Peace
Get rid of the ghost in the mill
Archangel Archangel
Find Michael’s sword
The Tease The Tease
Grimace 3 times
Angel's breath Angel’s breath
Use the Angel’s breath 3 times
Homunculist Homunculist
Use Anselm 3 times
Mouse sympathiser Mouse sympathiser
Use the mouse 3 times
Alcatraz Alcatraz
Escape from jail
The flight of Icarus The flight of Icarus
Build the flying machine
Sacrilege Sacrilege
Have Bill distill alcohol
M.I.B. M.I.B.
Get Greta a new identity