Heathen Engineering’s Terran Achievement List

Wing Commander Wing Commander
Take the lead of a wing in combat
Flotilla Commander Flotilla Commander
Take the lead of a flotilla in combat
Division Commander Division Commander
Take the lead of a division in combat
Fleet Commander Fleet Commander
Take the lead of a fleet in combat
Honour Guard Honour Guard
Be a member of the command wing in the command division of the command flotilla
Ace Ace
Engage and destroy a division or fleet while flying solo
Dread not Dread not
Engage and destroy a dreadnought with a destroyer or smaller category ship
Pop goes the weasel Pop goes the weasel
Destroy a Gar category ship
Justice for all Justice for all
Become an office in the Faction fleet
Valhalla awaits me Valhalla awaits me
Become an officer in the Nordic Alliance fleet
Live by the sword Live by the sword
Form a non-government fleet with at least twenty ships
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
Form or take over a corporation
Up Start Up Start
Form or take over a government
Transporter Transporter
Traffic contraband between populations
Roughneck Roughneck
Mine 1,000,000 materials from asteriods
Destroy a populated planet or moon
Viva La Revolucion Viva La Revolucion
Take control of a population by inciting and supporting rebellion
The Predator The Predator
Earn 100,000,000 from bounties
Landlord Landlord
Control a populated planet, station or moon
System lord System lord
Control a star system
King King
Control a sector
Emperor Emperor
Control multiple sectors
Galactic Empire Galactic Empire
Your empire accounts for more than half of all Terran space
Knowledge is power Knowledge is power
Completely research all Terran technologies with a single profile
Architect Architect
Design and manufacture a custom ship in each category
It's a game changer It’s a game changer
Install a player mod
Super Mutant Terran Super Mutant Terran
Has modded all areas of the game that can be modded
Opportunist Opportunist
Make 100,000,000 by exploiting crime opportunities
Swinger Swinger
Switch sides during a battle
Field Promotion Field Promotion
Take command of a larger fleet element than you started with during battle
Going old school Going old school
Destroy a ship by ramming it
Boarding school Boarding school
Capture or destroy a ship by boarding it
Second coming Second coming
Die in battle and return to that battle
Environmentalist Environmentalist
Encounter each type of weather anomaly
Galactic Explorer Galactic Explorer
Visit all of the precursor jump gates with 1 profile
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man
Fly in combat each category of ship
Assassin Assassin
Kill a fleet or faction leader in combat
Prospector Prospector
Mine materials in space
Gold digger Gold digger
Harvest 1,000,000 rare materials
Hungry Hungry
Purchase 1,000,000 units of commodities
Consumerism Consumerism
Purchase 1,000,000 units of vice
Doom bringer Doom bringer
Destroy every planet in a system
Popping balloons Popping balloons
Destroy 10 Gar ships in combat
Flying tank Flying tank
Take 1,000,000 points of armour damage
Whoopsy! Whoopsy!
Get hit by an asteroid taking armour or structure damage from it
Cherry popper Cherry popper
Destroy 50 ships in combat
Seasoned Seasoned
Destroy 150 ships in combat
Veteran Veteran
Destroy 500 ships in combat
Elite Elite
Destroy 1000 ships in combat
Planetary Defender Planetary Defender
Destroy 50 ships in defence
Planetary Guardian Planetary Guardian
Destroy 150 ships in defence
Planetary Fortress Planetary Fortress
Destroy 500 ships in defence
Planetary Citadel Planetary Citadel
Destroy 1000 ships in defence
Rejected Rejected
Destroy 10 Interdictor category ships