Hearthlands Achievement List

Losing Is Fun Losing Is Fun
Watch your city burn.
Blasted Traitors! Blasted Traitors!
Make your troops turn on you by not paying the upkeep.
Death from Above Death from Above
Defend your city against the dragon.
The Black Arrow The Black Arrow
Kill the dragon and destroy his lair.
Klaatu Barada Nikto Klaatu Barada Nikto
Defend your city against the undead army.
The Last Battle The Last Battle
Destroy the evil fortress.
Protect the Children! Protect the Children!
Defend your city against goblins.
With Fire and Sword With Fire and Sword
Destroy the goblin stronghold.
Get Out of My Garden Get Out of My Garden
Defend your city against invaders.
I Did It, Mom! I Did It, Mom!
Complete the tutorial.
No Goblins Allowed No Goblins Allowed
Destroy the goblin village. Poor bastards.
Do You Have a Flag? Do You Have a Flag?
Conquer a rival city.
Emperor Emperor
Have 12 vassals.
The Whole Nine Yards The Whole Nine Yards
Have 500000 coins.
Welcome to the City Welcome to the City
Have 5000 population.
Over 9000 Over 9000
Have 10000 population.
Make Room! Make Room! Make Room! Make Room!
Have 20000 population.
Tomb Raider Tomb Raider
Destroy a graveyard.
I've Got the Power I’ve Got the Power
Have 16 full squads before the end of year 20.
Science!! Science!!
Have 50 technologies researched before the end of year 25.
National Hero National Hero
Have 10000 fame.
Rock, Paper, Scissors Rock, Paper, Scissors
Have one full squad of each unit type.
Please Do Not Feed Please Do Not Feed
Kill a troll.
Dug too Deep Dug too Deep
Kill an elemental.
Your Soul Shall Be Mine! Your Soul Shall Be Mine!
Kill a warlock.
Give It Back! Give It Back!
Intercept 25 goblin thieves or burglars in one game.
My Liege? My Liege?
Become someone’s vassal.
Going Tall Going Tall
Have 50 houses at maximum level before the end of year 10.
The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On
Play until year 100.
Arrow in a Knee Arrow in a Knee
As Westerners kill 100 enemies using archers in one game.
Supersize Me Supersize Me
As Westerners produce 5000 units of food in one year.
Show Me the Money Show Me the Money
As Westerners collect 250000 coins in taxes in one year.
Phalanx Phalanx
As Easterners kill 50 mounted units using spearmen in one game.
Drinks Are on Me Drinks Are on Me
As Easterners produce 500 loads of cider in one year.
America Works America Works
As Easterners have 10000 employed workers for 5 years.
In Vino Veritas In Vino Veritas
As Southerners sell 250 loads of wine in one year.
Overpowered Overpowered
As Southerners have 75 power.
Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation
As Southerners have 25 fountains.
To Arms! To Arms!
As Northerners produce 150 loads of weapons and armor in one year.
Horns of Orome Horns of Orome
As Northerners hunt down 100 animals in one year.
Killing Spree Killing Spree
As Northerners kill 100 enemies in one year.
Healthcare for Everyone Healthcare for Everyone
Have 2000 population and no plague for 10 years. Plague has to be enabled.
Stability First Stability First
Have 5000 population for 10 years.
We Love the King Day We Love the King Day
Have 1000 population and city reputation of 90+ for 20 years.
A Great Merchant Was Born A Great Merchant Was Born
Sell 500 loads of goods in one year.
Everyone Likes Me Everyone Likes Me
Have 12 rivals and have positive opinion with every one of them for 5 years.
Urban Development Urban Development
Have 20 houses at maximum level for 5 years.
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
Produce 1000 loads of luxury resources in one year.
Dilligency Dilligency
Have 12 rivals and fulfill all their requests (including tribute) for 10 years. Rivals can’t be passive.
Health and Safety Health and Safety
Have 1000 population and no deaths among civilians for 10 years.