Heal Them All Achievement List

Sociable Type Sociable Type
Click on microbes 1000 times.
Shining Like a Star Shining Like a Star
Complete any campaign with max Star Rating.
Healthcare Reform Healthcare Reform
Sell 10 Med Towers.
Fast Recovery Fast Recovery
Use the Rush Button 100 times.
Something Special Something Special
Use every Special Power at least 3 times.
Diagnostician Diagnostician
Play the game for 3 hours.
Laser Sight Laser Sight
Kill at least 5 microbes with 1 shot of Laser.
Just Beam It Just Beam It
Use Laser Beam to destroy a Nodule.
Sicko's no More Sicko’s no More
Defeat lieutenant Sicko.
End of LaPlague End of LaPlague
Put an end to general LaPlague supremacy.
Effective Treatment Effective Treatment
Eliminate 1000 microbes.
DeFlu's Treatment DeFlu’s Treatment
Get rid of admiral DeFlu.
For a Rainy Day For a Rainy Day
Accumulate 200 Energy units.
N-n-n-nodule Breaker N-n-n-nodule Breaker
Destroy 100 Nodules.
Protein Bomb Protein Bomb
Collect 100 000 Proteins.
Good Medicine Good Medicine
Build 100 Med Towers.
Like a Boss Like a Boss
Defeat a boss microbe using Med Mines only.