Headcrab Frenzy! Achievement List

HCF_Killbox HCF_Killbox
Complete “HCF_Killbox” arena.
HCF_Dungeon HCF_Dungeon
Complete “HCF_Dungeon” arena.
HCF_Labmoar HCF_Labmoar
Complete “HCF_Labmoar” arena.
HCF_Range HCF_Range
Complete “HCF_Range” arena.
HCF_Factory HCF_Factory
Complete “HCF_Factory” arena.
HCF_Temple HCF_Temple
Complete “HCF_Temple” arena.
Veteran Veteran
Win 50 matches.
Terminator Terminator
Exterminate 1500 generic headcrabs.
Assassin Assassin
Exterminate 2000 fast headcrabs.
Fireman Fireman
Exterminate 2500 fire headcrabs.
Melter Melter
Exterminate 3000 ice headcrabs.
Antidote Antidote
Exterminate 3500 poison headcrabs.
Insulator Insulator
Exterminate 4000 electric headcrabs.
Exorcist Exorcist
Exterminate 4500 ethereal headcrabs.
Psycho Psycho
Exterminate 5000 hallucinogenic headcrabs.
Sniper Sniper
Shoot 500 headcrabs using firearms.
Nice Catcher Nice Catcher
Perform 250 nice catches.
Artistic Confusion Artistic Confusion
Cause some disorder in the Museum.
Jinxed Jinxed
Miss 1000 times.
Headcrab Frenzy! Headcrab Frenzy!
Spend 60 minutes in Frenzy mode.
Survivor Survivor
Regenerate 100,000 health points.
High Score! High Score!
Score 1,000,000 points in a single match.
Beyond Godlike Beyond Godlike
Perform a 25x combo.
Ladder Completed Ladder Completed
Survive all 8 “Ladder” waves.
Ladder Master Ladder Master
Survive 20 waves in “Ladder” game mode.
Random Master Random Master
Survive 20 waves in “Random” game mode.
Nimble on Feet Nimble on Feet
Don’t be bitten at all during a single wave.
Headcrab Expert Headcrab Expert
Beat the game on “Easy” skill level.
Headcrab Connoisseur Headcrab Connoisseur
Beat the game on “Medium” skill level.
Headcrab God Headcrab God
Beat the game on “Hard” skill level.