Haywire on Fuel Station Zeta Achievement List

Helper Helper
You gained access through the red door and escaped the first area!
Electrician Electrician
You found the fuse and successfully put it into the empty fuse box!
Log Hunter Log Hunter
You have managed to find all the logs!
Fill-er-up Fill-er-up
You have raised the station fuel pressure to 100%!
Authorized Personnel Authorized Personnel
You have found the Security Discriminator and placed it into the empty security console.
Code Breaker Code Breaker
You have collected enough code ciphers to break the lock-down code!
Code Master Code Master
You have collected all the code ciphers. That’s no small feat. Well Done!
Station Explorer Station Explorer
You have visited every room of the station. Amazing!
Handybot Handybot
You have helped the friendly space traveler fuel up his ship and get home! Congratulations on beating the game!
Super Handybot Super Handybot
Not only did you help the friendly space traveler get home, you also managed to escape the doomed station, winning the game. You are truly a super handy robot!
Close One Close One
You used a battery while only having 1% energy reserves left.
Mega Super Handybot Mega Super Handybot
You beat the game without exploding more than 10 times. Incredible!
Mega Super Handybot EXTREME! Mega Super Handybot EXTREME!
You have done the unthinkable. You have beat the game without exploding a single time, a truly astounding feat!