Harmonia Achievement List

Harmonia Harmonia
Started the game for the first time
The First Tone The First Tone
Chapter 0: The First Tone Cleared
Encounter Encounter
Chapter 1: Encounter Cleared
Connection Connection
Chapter 2: Connection Cleared
Liberation of the Heart Liberation of the Heart
Chapter 3: Liberation of the Heart Cleared
End of Sorrow End of Sorrow
Chapter 4: End of Sorrow Cleared
Blue Little Lady Blue Little Lady
Chapter 5: Blue Little Lady Cleared
Assault Assault
Chapter 6: Assault Cleared
Warm Memories Warm Memories
Chapter 7: Warm Memories Cleared
World in Harmony World in Harmony
Chapter 8: World in Harmony Cleared
Todoketai Melody Todoketai Melody
Completed Harmonia
Gallery Mode Gallery Mode
Used the Gallery Mode
Music Mode Music Mode
Used the Music Mode
Ctrl Jammer Ctrl Jammer
You can now skip in-game text by pressing the Control key