Hardware Engineers Achievement List

Trained Trained
Complete the tutorial
Collector Collector
Unlock all componants
Money to burn Money to burn
Accumulate 10.000$
Challenge denied 50 Challenge denied 50
Fail 50 missions
Challenge denied 100 Challenge denied 100
Fail 100 missions
Challenge denied 200 Challenge denied 200
Fail 200 missions
Challenge accepted 50 Challenge accepted 50
Achieve 50 missions
Challenge accepted 100 Challenge accepted 100
Achieve 100 missions
Challenge accepted 200 Challenge accepted 200
Achieve 200 missions
Frank Abagnale Frank Abagnale
Steal 50 items
Frank Abagnale Jr. Frank Abagnale Jr.
Steal 100 items
Challenge denied 25 Challenge denied 25
Fail 25 missions
Worthwhile 1k Worthwhile 1k
Obtain a profit over 1000$ for 3 days in a row
Worthwhile 2k Worthwhile 2k
Obtain a profit over 2000$ for 3 days in a row
Worthwhile 4k Worthwhile 4k
Obtain a profit over 4000$ for 3 days in a row
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