Hardware Engineering Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Dératiser Dératiser
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Beating the Clock Beating the Clock
Used an edge detector to generate clock signal
The Seeds of Memories The Seeds of Memories
Used a latch to remember signal’s past state
Speedy Engineer Speedy Engineer
Finished a level under 5 minutes thanks to practicing
A Thoughful One A Thoughful One
Took over half an hour to finish a level
Thinking Ain't Bad Thinking Ain’t Bad
Spent an hour by completing a level
Design-Fu Master Design-Fu Master
Wasted over two hours, but eventually finished the level
Soldering Burns Soldering Burns
Soldered 30 logic components, most of them badly
Getting the Hang of It Getting the Hang of It
Soldered 100 logic components
EE Senior EE Senior
Soldered 250 logic components
Mr. Boolean Mr. Boolean
Completed all levels on Digital Logic
I've Had Enough I’ve Had Enough
Completed a level using logic components only
Please, Send Some Data Please, Send Some Data
Used a microprocessor due to a shortage of storage capacity
The First Lines The First Lines
Used 30 words of executable words
Programming With Ease Programming With Ease
Used 100 words of executable code
The Art of Programming The Art of Programming
Used 250 words of executable code
Electric Dunes Electric Dunes
Completed a test sequence in the Sandbox mode
Novice Tester Novice Tester
Simulated through 30 test steps
Experienced in Exploits Experienced in Exploits
Simulated through 70 test steps
Ethical Hacker Ethical Hacker
Simulated throught 120 test steps
Not Being Wrong Not Being Wrong
Have 50 successful step simulations
Being Perfect Being Perfect
Have 100 successful step simulations
Mastering The Topic Mastering The Topic
Have 3:1 ratio of successful tests
Dunning-Kruger in Effect Dunning-Kruger in Effect
Have 1:3 ratio of successful tests
Order Shall Prevail Order Shall Prevail
Perform more successful than unsuccessful step simulations