Happy Empire Achievement List

First contact! First contact!
Talk to Moramor!
Good dealer Good dealer
Trade with lealer 10 times.
Get the gold! Get the gold!
Find one gold bag
Get your first key! Get your first key!
Find one secret key
Use the power-up ability! Use the power-up ability!
Speed up your workers movement speed
Use map to go further! Use map to go further!
Choose any level on your map
Open your first chest! Open your first chest!
Use your key to open the chest
Best axe master! Best axe master!
Cut or collect 10 units of wood!
Get the fish! Get the fish!
Craft your first boat
The tasty meal! The tasty meal!
Get five units of food for your workers
Be smart! Be smart!
Finish the level without spending all of your resources
Fast and furious! Fast and furious!
Finish the level without spending half of your time