Habitat Achievement List

Welcome to the 509th Welcome to the 509th
Completed the Basic Tutorial
509th Elite Graduate 509th Elite Graduate
Completed the Advanced Tutorial
It's Made of Cheese It’s Made of Cheese
Arrived at the Moon (Campaign)
Where Are the Little Green Men? Where Are the Little Green Men?
Arrived at Mars (Campaign)
The Beginning of Humanity The Beginning of Humanity
Completed the Campaign
Orbital Pirate Orbital Pirate
Stole a node belonging to an enemy
In Burger We Trust In Burger We Trust
Welded on a Habi-Burger
HAL None-Thousand HAL None-Thousand
Killed a nanomachine hunter
Warthog Warthog
Welded on a Gun Pod
Cretaceous Killer Cretaceous Killer
Welded on a T-Rex