Gunslugs 2 Achievement List

First blood First blood
Defeat Metal Face
Mad Max Mad Max
Escape the wasteland
Predator Predator
Survive the jungle
Smooth sailing Smooth sailing
Reach the Himalaya’s
Space cowboy Space cowboy
Survive the Himalaya’s
The final fight The final fight
Reach the planet core
Hardcore Hardcore
Defeat general P. Hat
Rookie slug Rookie slug
Score 1500 in Arcade mode
Master slug Master slug
Score 5000 points in Arcade mode
Veteran slug Veteran slug
Score 10.000 points in Arcade mode
Arcade challenger Arcade challenger
Unlocked Arcade-mode
Hidden Achievement
Timelord Timelord
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
One day challenger One day challenger
Completed your first Daily challenge
Five day challenger Five day challenger
Completed five Daily Challenges
Ten day challenger Ten day challenger
Completed ten daily challenges
Thirty day challenger Thirty day challenger
Completed thirty daily challenges