Gunscape Achievement List

Builder Builder
Create your first map
It's Alive! It’s Alive!
Publish your first map
Kill em all Kill em all
Play your first Free-For-All DeathMatch game
I'm on your side! I’m on your side!
Play your first Team DeathMatch game
Flag bearer Flag bearer
Play your first Team Capture-The-Flag game
Man with the Gun Man with the Gun
Play your first Gun Game game
Contagious Contagious
Play your first Infection game
Terminated Terminated
Kill a robot boss
Dino Hunter Dino Hunter
Kill a dinosaur boss
Rubbing shoulders Rubbing shoulders
Play your first split-screen game
Block em Block em
Place your first block in Build mode
Centurion Centurion
Place 100 blocks in Build mode
Stonemason Stonemason
Place 10,000 blocks in Build mode
Checkpoint! Checkpoint!
Place a Checkpoint in your map
Team playa Team playa
Place a flag in your map
Voter Voter
Rate another player’s map as good
Hater Hater
Rate another player’s map as bad
Newbie Newbie
Finish the first Blowfish campaign map
Veteran Veteran
Finish the Blowfish campaign
Campaigner Campaigner
Build a multi-map campaign map
First blood First blood
Kill an enemy player
Serial killer Serial killer
Kill 1,000 players
Trapper Trapper
Kill 50 players with the Speargun tripwire
Sniper Sniper
Kill 500 players with the Gauss Rifle
Slip-N-Slide Slip-N-Slide
Use the Freezethrower to slide 3 blocks
Massacre Massacre
Kill 1,000 players with the PFG
Boxer Boxer
Kill 50 players with your Fists
Splatter Splatter
Kill 500 players with the Dual Zhotguns
Assassin Assassin
Kill 5 players with a knife
Slice-N-Dice Slice-N-Dice
Kill 100 players with the ID Disc
Burninator Burninator
Kill 100 players with the Flamethrower
Marksman Marksman
Kill 1000 players with the E-Bow
Champion Champion
Win 50 Deathmatch games
Flag runner Flag runner
Win 25 CTF games
Hazmat Hazmat
Win 25 Infection games
Survivor Survivor
Won 25 Survival games
Engineer Engineer
Program 5 Terminals
Flag hog Flag hog
Steal 25 flags in CTF
Mr Assist Mr Assist
Return 25 flags in CTF
Suicidal Suicidal
Killed yourself 50 times
Expendable Expendable
Kill 100 AI enemies
Genocide Genocide
Kill 5,000 AI enemies