Gundemonium Recollection Achievement List

Antares Antares
Finish the game on Novice difficulty.
Canopus Canopus
Finish the game on Revised difficulty.
Arcturus Arcturus
Finish the game on Unlimited difficulty.
Kentaurus Kentaurus
Finish the game on Demonic difficulty.
Pleiades Pleiades
Unlock Mission Mode.
Capella Capella
Complete Demonic Challenge Mode.
Rigel Rigel
Complete Matrix Orders Mode.
Procyon Procyon
Reach Zone X in Ain Soph Aur Mode.
Andromeda Andromeda
Clear the game as Eryth.
Rosette Rosette
Clear the game as all 64 Earl types.
Sirius Sirius
Defeat Endymion while Demonic Shift is active.
Fomalhaut Fomalhaut
Destroy 7 cross pieces of Aenea.
Acrux Acrux
Destroy all parts of Volcannon.
Aldebaran Aldebaran
Defeat 16 Cyclones in one game.
Leaf64 Leaf64
Defeat 64 Leaf People in one game.
Arided Arided
Defeat Slayer while only destroying the main body.
Pollux Pollux
Allow Lumiere to destroy 6 of your bombs.
Altair Altair
Defeat Phaser after letting it kill you twice.
Sombrero Sombrero
Obtain 4 life items.
Spica Spica
Defeat Ereshkigal and Irkalla without using bombs.
Magellanic Magellanic
Defeat Elixirel without being hit.
Vega Vega
Defeat Elixirel Kaether through Time Up.
Betelgeuse Betelgeuse
Defeat Elixirel Daath. Matrix Orders mode does not count.
Achernar Achernar
Obtain 1,000 gems in one Area.
Trapezium Trapezium
Perform a 1,000-Hit Combo in one Area.
Praesepe Praesepe
Obtain 15,000,000 Points in one game.
Horsehead Horsehead
Perform 100 Onslaughts in one game.
Hadar Hadar
Perform 4 Friction Breaks in one game.
Regulus Regulus
Perform 10 Counter Bombs in one game. Auto-Counters do not count.
Dumbbell Dumbbell
Perform 10 Demonic Shifts in one game.
Mimosa Mimosa
Obtain an extra life at the instant you lose your last life.
Solaris Solaris
Complete all 32 Play Orders.
Polaris Polaris
Keep the holiday spirit alive.