Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Achievement List

Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge
Kill the first mushroom
Ol' Buddy, Ol' semidivine Pal Ol’ Buddy, Ol’ semidivine Pal
Add Holy Avatar to your party
Animal Activist Animal Activist
Save Mandy’s chocochick
Emo Etiquette Emo Etiquette
Be polite to Synthia
Semi-Divine Tales Semi-Divine Tales
Survive the special tutorial in Station Wish
Holy's Angels Holy’s Angels
Find enough maidens for Holy Avatar
Good Cop, Bad Cop Good Cop, Bad Cop
Convince Rukel to give back his loot
Motherthumper Motherthumper
Defeat the REAL boss
Find a bonus mushroom
The Ultimate Quest The Ultimate Quest
Find all bonus mushrooms