Greyfox Achievement List

Mabel Mabel
Complete Mabel’s storyline.
Mr. Brown Mr. Brown
Complete Mr. Brown’s storyline.
The Nurse The Nurse
Complete the nurse’s storyline.
The Kat Lady The Kat Lady
Complete Katharine’s storyline.
A Dirty Job A Dirty Job
Clean up all the dog poop.
Coco Nut! Coco Nut!
Knock down and eat a coconut.
Pickpocket Pickpocket
Commit two acts of theft.
Here Kitty~ Here Kitty~
Save all of Katharine’s cat.
Scam Artist Scam Artist
Have Esmeralda arrested.
10. Tea Bagged 10. Tea Bagged
Have tea bags dumped on you.
The Asylum The Asylum
Get the bad ending.
The Doctor The Doctor
Get the so-so ending.
Happy Ending Happy Ending
Get the good ending.
Saved Saved
Don’t kill anybody.
Heartless Heartless
Kill everyone.
Cake! Cake!
Finish the game.