Green Game: TimeSwapper Achievement List

Timeswapper Timeswapper
Make a full time axis rotation
Dead already? Dead already?
Die for the first time
Persistance is a virtue Persistance is a virtue
Die 25 times on one level
A Millenium of pain A Millenium of pain
Die 1000 times in total
Apprentice Engineer Apprentice Engineer
Collect 3 gears on 5 levels
Journeyman Engineer Journeyman Engineer
Collect three gears on 25 levels
Grandmaster Engineer Grandmaster Engineer
Collect three gears on all of the levels
Quantum Physics Adept Quantum Physics Adept
Flawlessly complete 25 levels
Einstein's descendant Einstein’s descendant
Flawlessly complete all of the levels
A half empty glass A half empty glass
Complete 25 levels
Right on schedule Right on schedule
Complete all of the levels
I'm too old for this I’m too old for this
Complete 20 levels as a elderly bird
Midlife crisis Midlife crisis
Complete 20 levels as a mid-aged bird
Destined for greatness Destined for greatness
Complete 20 levels as a young bird
Going in circles Going in circles
Return to the starting cage