Gravity Island Achievement List

Welcome Welcome
Complete the first level
Head First Head First
Activate the first gravitational field
Leap into the Unknown Leap into the Unknown
Use the jump ability for the first time
Learning from scratch Learning from scratch
Hit an unexpected obstacle
Playing with Fire Playing with Fire
A flaming arrow has you in its sights
C7H5N3O6 C7H5N3O6
Sometimes things blow up
Beam me up, Seraphin! Beam me up, Seraphin!
Use the teleporter for the first time
Friend of Lumies Friend of Lumies
Gather 10 Lumies
Hunter-gatherer of Lumies Hunter-gatherer of Lumies
Gather 30 Lumies
Avid Collector Avid Collector
Gather 100 Lumies
The Hodgepodge The Hodgepodge
Gather 200 Lumies
Protector of Lumies Protector of Lumies
Gather all of the Lumies
Welcome to the jungle! Welcome to the jungle!
Complete all levels in the Jungle World
Winter is approaching… Winter is approaching…
Complete all levels in the Ice World
Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
Complete all levels in the Fire World
Dream Catcher Dream Catcher
Complete all levels in the Dream World
All-inclusive Tourist All-inclusive Tourist
Complete 3 levels
Adventure Tourist Adventure Tourist
Complete 10 levels
Gravity? That was pretty easy Gravity? That was pretty easy
Complete all levels
Shiro-practitioner Shiro-practitioner
Gather all of the Lumies. Complete all levels