Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Achievement List

Shipyard Manager  Shipyard Manager
Design 100 ships.
Ship Architect Ship Architect
Design 10 ships of every class type.
Battle Veteran Battle Veteran
Beat all 10 campaign missions on medium.
Battle Hero Battle Hero
Beat all 10 campaign missions on medium.
Battle Legend Battle Legend
Beat all 10 campaign Missions on expert.
Heroic Victory Heroic Victory
Beat a mission with 10% or more honor earned.
Legendary victory Legendary victory
Beat a mission with 25% or more honor earned.
Spanner King Spanner King
Carry out mid battle repairs to over a hundred fighters in one battle
Oil Baron Oil Baron
Refuel over 100 fighters in a single battle.
Master of Missiles Master of Missiles
Fire over 1,000 missiles in a single battle
Explorer Explorer
Fight over 25 online challenges
Challenger Challenger
Post over 12 online challenges
Nuclear Nemesis Nuclear Nemesis
Inflict over 10,000 radiation damage in one battle
Cultural Ambassador Cultural Ambassador
Beat all 10 campaign missions with each of the four basic races
Fighter Ace Fighter Ace
Destroy over 500 enemy fighters in a single battle
Missile Shield Missile Shield
Neutralise over 200 enemy missiles in a single battle
Cruiser Killer Cruiser Killer
Destroy over 200 enemy cruisers
Dreadnought Destroyer Dreadnought Destroyer
Destroy over 100 enemy dreadnoughts
Indestructible Indestructible
Win a campaign battle without losing a single ship
Sneak Attack Sneak Attack
Deploy over 20 ships with a camouflage shield in a single battle
The Scrambler The Scrambler
Scramble enemy ships with ECM over 500 times.
Conqueror Conqueror
Beat online challenges by 10 different players
Battle architect Battle architect
Have more than 100 different players fight your challenges
Prince of Plasma Prince of Plasma
Launch over 1000 plasma torpedoes in one battle
Alien Designer Alien Designer
Design at least 20 ships for all four races
Deadly Disruption Deadly Disruption
Take down 100 enemy shields using shield disruptors.
Fly Trap Fly Trap
Destroy over 1000 enemy fighters whilst caught in tractor beams
Small is beautiful Small is beautiful
Win 10 battles without using a dreadnought
Positive Reinforcement Positive Reinforcement
Repair 1000 shield support energy in a single battle
Support Expert Support Expert
Field a fleet with over 50 support beams Installed.