Grand Class Melee 2 Achievement List

A Maiden No Longer A Maiden No Longer
Complete 1 game
Blood Rush! Blood Rush!
Kill 100 opponents
You Keep Playing You Keep Playing
Win 10 games
LAN Party LAN Party
Complete a 4-player game without any AI opponents
Spectator Spectator
Watch 10 games in Spectator Mode
One Man Army One Man Army
Win against a team of 3 AI opponents
Guns Can't Harm Me Guns Can’t Harm Me
Survive a round with Runed Armor and Plate Mail
Close Shave Close Shave
Survive a round with a 1/4 heart remaining
Untouchable Untouchable
Survive a round without taking any damage
Game of Groans Game of Groans
Survive a round with Stop and Arcane Mind
Windchaser Windchaser
Survive a round with Whirlwind and Whirlstorm
I Speak for the Weeds I Speak for the Weeds
Survive a round with any two ‘Wild’ abilities
It's Over 9!! It’s Over 9!!
Raise your melee damage output to 10
Prickles and Goo Prickles and Goo
Survive a round with Slow Aura and Eye for an Eye
Full Speed Ahead Full Speed Ahead
Achieve max speed
The Chosen One The Chosen One
Survive every round and win the game vs 3 Hard AI opponents
The REAL Chosen One The REAL Chosen One
Survive every round and win the game vs 3 Crazy AI opponents
Circuit Survivor Circuit Survivor
Have ‘Survived’ as every class