Gran Vitreous Achievement List

Toasters Toasters
Destroy 15,000 Dot Enemies
Line Splitter Line Splitter
Destroy 10,000 Line Enemies
Green Backs Green Backs
Destroy 8,000 Triangle Enemies
Purple Bellies Purple Bellies
Destroy 5,000 Rectangle Enemies
Star Killer Star Killer
Destroy 6,000 Star Enemies
Sorry about the Mess Sorry about the Mess
Deal 5,000,000 total points of damage
Kobayashi Maru Kobayashi Maru
Complete an area without dying once
A Leaf on the Wind A Leaf on the Wind
Complete 3 zones in a row without taking a hit
Faster Than Light Faster Than Light
Complete a normal zone within 30 seconds
Space Garbage Space Garbage
Fire 50,000 total projectiles
Never Tell Me the Odds Never Tell Me the Odds
Complete an asteroid zone without using weapons
Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons
Complete a zone without firing a main weapon
Neutral Zone Neutral Zone
Finish Area 1 with 3 completed area bonus objectives
The Rim The Rim
Finish Area 2 with 3 completed area bonus objectives
Final Frontier Final Frontier
Finish Area 3 with 3 completed area bonus objectives
What Do You See What Do You See
Finish Area 4 with 3 completed area bonus objectives
Cluster Shot Cluster Shot
Kill at least 30 enemies with 1 secondary missile
Task Master Task Master
Finish an area completing at least 80% of bonus objectives in completed zones
Well Armed Bandit Well Armed Bandit
Win a rare item from the area bonus objective item slots
The Other Side The Other Side
Be out of phase as a solar flare passes through the ship
Black Hole Run Black Hole Run
Use the warp utility to escape a gravity well
Relativity Relativity
Kill 10 enemies while time is frozen
Gas Guzzler Gas Guzzler
Boost over 39.5 Astronomical Units
It's a Trap It’s a Trap
Get 50 mine kills in a zone
Rings of Fire Rings of Fire
Avoid taking damage from missiles from the Area 1 Boss
Overpowered Overpowered
Dont let any enemy waves out of the Area 1 Boss
3,720:1 3,720:1
Dont get hit by an asteroid fighting the Area 2 Boss
Breathing Room Breathing Room
Have both turrets down at the same time fighting the Area 2 Boss
Bouncing Betty Bouncing Betty
Dont crash into a bouncing bomb while fighting the Area 3 Boss
Well, Well, Well Well, Well, Well
Dont get stuck in the center of a gravity well while fighting the Area 3 Boss
Not so Fast Not so Fast
Destroy 10 pieces of the Mother Shape before they can convert into units
Wave Rider Wave Rider
Dont get hit by any bullets during the Mother Shapes final phase
Superior Numbers Superior Numbers
Equip all level 105 items
Shiny Shiny
Equip all rare items
One of Each One of Each
Finish an area with 1 type of each item in your inventory
So Say We All So Say We All
Kill at least 1 of every enemy in the game
Kiss the Dirt Kiss the Dirt
1500 enemies killed by asteroids
Qapla' Qapla’
Get over 30 kills with a single photon bullet
End of the Line End of the Line
Finish a level 125 zone
Greatest Power in the Verse Greatest Power in the Verse
Defeat the final boss