Goscurry Achievement List

Persistence is a talent Persistence is a talent
Fly for a total of 2 hours
Papers, Please Papers, Please
Unlock one city
Dr Livingstone, I presume Dr Livingstone, I presume
Unlock all (but really all) cities
Rules breaker Rules breaker
Avoid an obstacle without jumping/evading
Ring a-ring o' roses Ring a-ring o’ roses
Do a 360 and survive to tell the tale
Hypno master Hypno master
Do a 1440 and survive to tell the tale
Maze runner Maze runner
Reach rank 1
Castaway Castaway
Reach rank 5
Back burner Back burner
Reach rank 10
Freak Freak
Reach rank 15
God God
Reach rank 20
Ram Ram
Headbutt 50 yellow dividers/walls
Diver Diver
Fall 50 times