Golf With Your Friends Achievement List

Beginner Putter Beginner Putter
Take 100 shots
Amateur Putter Amateur Putter
Take 1000 shots
Master Putter Master Putter
Take 10000 shots
Play a full game on Forest on classic
Friends With Pharaoh's Friends With Pharaoh’s
Play a full game on Oasis in classic
Hole in one! Hole in one!
Get a hole in one!
Not enough time in the week! Not enough time in the week!
Out of time 50 times
Raise the limit! Raise the limit!
Max shots reached
Fly, fly away! Fly, fly away!
Get 10 birdies
Nice shot! Nice shot!
Get an albatross
Getting good! Getting good!
Get 10 albatross
On par! On par!
Get 50 pars