God of Word Achievement List

Marathon Massacre Marathon Massacre
Defeat 100 Normal Enemies
Linguist Linguist
Spell 2,500 Words
Death By 10,000 Cuts Death By 10,000 Cuts
Use 10,000 Letters
Mastermind Mastermind
Spell a 7 Letter Word
Dexterous Survivor Dexterous Survivor
Beat All Typing Levels
Vernacular Mosaic Vernacular Mosaic
Spell a word with 3 or more Special Tiles
Precise Strike Precise Strike
Kill an enemy with exact damage
Focused Focused
Max out an ability
Dedicated Dedicated
Reach the Max Level
Patron of Thieves Patron of Thieves
Unlock 5 Treasure Chests
Benelovent Benelovent
Save 10 Followers
You Needn't Worry You Needn’t Worry
Save a follower with no incorrect guesses
You've Got Mail You’ve Got Mail
Beat All Levels
Making Plutus Proud Making Plutus Proud
Earn 500,000 Gold
Averted Gaze Averted Gaze
Defeat Medusa
Say Aah! Say Aah!
Defeat the Nemean Lion
Underdog Underdog
Defeat Cerberus
Party Animal Party Animal
Defeat the Cyclops
Sticky Keys Sticky Keys
Defeat Arachne
Float Like A Butterfly Float Like A Butterfly
Defeat the Manticore
Gross Overreaction Gross Overreaction
Defeat the Sphinx
Rude Awakening Rude Awakening
Defeat the Minotaur
Baby Eater Baby Eater
Defeat Lamia
Father Of Monsters Father Of Monsters
Defeat Typhon
Mother Of Monsters Mother Of Monsters
Defeat Echidna
Boorish Boar Beatdown Boorish Boar Beatdown
Defeat the Calydonian Boar