GoD Factory: Wingmen Achievement List

Spacer Spacer
Complete 100 matches. (3000 credits + Infrared sheen)
Dogfighter Dogfighter
Total of kills and assists reaches 100. (1500 credits + Pitch Black palette)
Ace Pilot Ace Pilot
Unlock Pilot Rank 6. (6000 credits + Ninja palettes)
Star Pilot Star Pilot
Unlock Pilot Rank 7. (15000 credits + Hyper White sheen)
Analyst Analyst
Buy all of the 4 Marks for a single gunship part. (2400 credits + Bronze sheen)
Ambassador Ambassador
Complete 5 matches playing each species. (1800 credits + Iridescent sheen)
Explorer Explorer
Buy 50 different gunship parts. (2200 credits + Sharp Gold sheen)
Annihilator Annihilator
Deal a total of 1,000,000 points of damage. (3000 credits + Inferno sheen)
Tinkerer Tinkerer
Unlock 500 gunship parts or marks. (2600 credits + Sharp Silver sheen)
Scientist Scientist
Unlock 1000 gunship parts or marks. (4000 credits + Frosted Silver sheen)
Collector Collector
Purchase 500 gunship parts or marks. (3200 credits + Frosted Gold sheen)
Gentleman Gentleman
Complete 5 matches while both of your gunships are wrecked. (2000 credits + Cracked palette)
Requisition Requisition
Win a match in control of someone else’s gunship. (1000 credits + Cave Green sheen)
Bringer of Apocalypse Bringer of Apocalypse
Trigger a Genesis combo. (3000 credits + Rainbow palette + Rainbow sheen)
Ganked! Ganked!
Contribute in destroying an enemy gunship after an ally called a focus attack on him. (1200 credits + Hazard Lines palette)
Survivor Survivor
Win 3 consecutive matches without losing a single gunship. (3500 credits + Hex Carbon palette)
Open the Way Open the Way
Destroy Main Deck & Forcefield Generator in the same match. (1000 credits + Sand Yellow palette)
Team Crippler Team Crippler
Destroy Ammo Depot & Repair Station in the same match. (1000 credits + Sand Red palette)
Sow Discord Sow Discord
Destroy Radar & Communication Tower in the same match. (1000 credits + Sand Blue palette)
Way to the Core Way to the Core
Destroy Hull, Forcefield Generator & Core in that particular order. (1200 credits + Sand Green palette)
Vacuum Cleaning Vacuum Cleaning
Purge 3 Negative Effects at once. (1000 credits + Clean White sheen)
Know How Know How
Complete all the tutorial steps. (1600 credits + Nature sheen)
Core Destroyer Core Destroyer
Destroy the Core. (1400 credits + Amerika palette + USA sheen)
Core Raider Core Raider
Destroy the Core as your first carrier part in a match. (2400 credits + Uranium Green sheen)
The Best Offence is a Good Defense! The Best Offence is a Good Defense!
Win by destroying only one of the enemies’ Carrier Parts. (1500 credits + Dark Red palette)
Wrecker Wrecker
Win by destroying 5 or more of the enemies’ Carrier Parts. (1500 credits + Republik palette)
Foul Play Foul Play
Use one of the enemy carrier’s hatches to enter their Core Room. (1000 credits + Harlequin palette)
Solo Combo Solo Combo
Perform a damage combo with turrets. (2000 credits + White Tiger palette)
Optimizer Optimizer
Simultaneously affect all 4 players on your team with an Optimization Program. (1200 credits + Starlight Ambient)
Hooker Hooker
Keep an enemy player hooked for 10 seconds using a Quantum Hook (MK 1, 2 or 3). (1000 credits + Pink palette + Pink & White palette)
Hide & Seek Hide & Seek
Activate a Stealth Device while below 33% of your Shield and dock successfully. (1000 credits + Camo Urban palette)
Supporter Supporter
Restore all other team members 3 times in a match using supplies. (1400 credits + Glacier sheen)
Hacker Hacker
Induce 10 Negative Effects in a single match using Hacking Bots. (1600 credits + Neon Red sheen)
Defender Defender
Have 2 Carrier Command abilities active at the same time for your team. (1200 credits + Aqua sheen)
Saboteur Saboteur
Have 2 Sabotage abilities active at the same time for your team. (1200 credits + Neon Rainbow sheen)
Tower Defense Tower Defense
Have 3 of your Sentries shoot all of their ammunition in a single match. (1500 credits + Neon Blue sheen)
Force your Way In Force your Way In
Teleport inside the core room of the enemy carrier by using the Arblos’ teleport. (1800 credits + Purple sheen)
Back at You! Back at You!
Activate your Chorion Barrier by reaching its maximum mitigation 3 times in the same match. (1800 credits + Dragon Scales palette)
Fooled Ya! Fooled Ya!
Trick each member of the opposing team to attack your Decoy using the Human Species’ Ability. (1800 credits + Camo Forest palette)
Versatility is my Ally Versatility is my Ally
Inflict 4 different Damage Types using a Guantri ship. (2000 credits + Graphic Dream palette)
Satellite Bombing Satellite Bombing
Deal 2500 Damage using a Satellite weapon in a single sortie. (1200 credits + Camo Desert palette)
Point Blank Point Blank
Shoot an enemy gunship from within 20 units using a Scattergun. (2000 credits + Checkers palette)
Under...dog...fight? Under…dog…fight?
Hit 2 enemy gunships with a single shot using a multi-targeting weapon. (1200 credits + Red and Blue sheen)
Boom! Boom!
Hit 2 enemy gunships at once using an Area Blast weapon. (1200 credits + Fire sheen)
Nemesis Nemesis
Hit 2 enemy gunships at once using a Wave weapon. (1200 credits + Neon Green sheen)
Sapper Sapper
Lay the maximum possible amount of one set of mines near your carrier ship. (1200 credits + Neon Yellow sheen)