Goblins & Grottos Achievement List

Pile o Muffins Pile o Muffins
L33t muffin collector! Found 50 muffins in the main story.
Cart o Muffins Cart o Muffins
Grandmaster muffin collector! Found 100 muffins in the main story.
Cannon Fodder's Revenge Cannon Fodder’s Revenge
Killed 30 heroes.
This One's For Dad! This One’s For Dad!
Killed 100 heroes.
No Quitters! No Quitters!
Respawned 500 times.
Pay to Win Pay to Win
Discovered the Paladin’s mom’s credit card number.
Rubble Double Trouble Rubble Double Trouble
Met the Swamp King.
Troll Rider Troll Rider
Commandeered a troll.
Looking Sheepish Looking Sheepish
Commandeered a sheep.
Temple of Doom Temple of Doom
Rode in a minecart.
Mr. Groenk, I Presume? Mr. Groenk, I Presume?
Met Groenk the Orc, face to face.
The Motherload The Motherload
Discovered the muffin motherload.
The Room of Doom (and Spikes) The Room of Doom (and Spikes)
Discovered the secret room of doom (and spikes).
Revenge, like Gazpacho, is a Dish best Served Cold Revenge, like Gazpacho, is a Dish best Served Cold
Beat the Paladin in the final battle.
Gobliiins! Gobliiins!
Met the gobliiins – Dwayne, Bobo and Hooter
Inappropriately Dressed Inappropriately Dressed
Walked in the snow, wearing just a loincloth.
Bazwazn't Bazwazn’t
Killed Bazwaz, the stinky griefer gnome.
Ooh That Burns! Ooh That Burns!
Discovered the joys of a lava bath.
The Worm That Turned The Worm That Turned
Stabbed a hero with a knife.
To Be Or Not To Be To Be Or Not To Be
Picked up 15 different skulls during one play session
Shishkegoblin Shishkegoblin
Died on spikes 25 times during one play session.
Plucked Plucked
Died as a chicken.
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac
Blew up 20 explosive barrels during one play session.