Go To Bed: Survive The Night Achievement List

A Winner is You! A Winner is You!
Beat story mode
Reflex Ninja Reflex Ninja
Beat story mode…without taking a hit!
Saving Throw vs. Death: FAIL! Saving Throw vs. Death: FAIL!
Get defeated in the “final boss” battle
Mum Defender Mum Defender
Slay 500 shadow beasties in Mum Rush mode
Master The Gauntlet Master The Gauntlet
Defeat the final boss at the end of The Nightmare Gauntlet
Hoarder Hoarder
Defeat story mode without buying anything in the store
Pyro Pyro
Burn 1,000 beasties in a single play session
Unholy Defender Unholy Defender
Slay 666 beasties in Mum Rush Mode
Noob Noob
Play the tutorial
Get Social Get Social
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