Gnomes Garden Achievement List

Hewer Hewer
For clearing one roadblock
Gardener Gardener
For restoring a plant
Builder Builder
For constructing a building
Unity with Nature Unity with Nature
For growing a lily pad
First Seed First Seed
For getting the first seed
Second Seed Second Seed
For getting the second seed
Third Seed Third Seed
For getting the third seed
Fourth Seed Fourth Seed
For getting the fourth seed
Fifth Seed Fifth Seed
For getting the fifth seed
Sixth Seed Sixth Seed
For getting the sixth seed
Seventh Seed Seventh Seed
For getting the seventh seed
Music Fan Music Fan
For getting rid of a Merrymaker
Sprinter Sprinter
For speeding up workers
Timelord Timelord
For stopping time
Architect Architect
For restoring Stonehenge
Fireman Fireman
For restoring the signal fires
Sorceror Sorceror
For activating an altar
Shock Worker Shock Worker
For speeding up construction
Braveheart Braveheart
For saving the king
Master Master
For completing 5 levels with 3 stars
Expert Expert
For completing 15 levels with 3 stars
Grand Master Grand Master
For completing all levels with 3 stars
Champion Champion
For collecting all trophies