Gloria Victis Achievement List

Bounty Hunter I Bounty Hunter I
Defeat 1 player with a traitor status.
Bounty Hunter II Bounty Hunter II
Defeat 3 players with a traitor status.
Bounty Hunter III Bounty Hunter III
Defeat 10 players with a traitor status.
Gatherer I Gatherer I
Gather resources 100 times.
Gatherer II Gatherer II
Gather resources 1.000 times.
Gatherer III Gatherer III
Gather resources 10.000 times.
Veteran I Veteran I
Complete 5 “Valley of Death” tournaments.
Veteran II Veteran II
Complete 30 “Valley of Death” tournaments.
Veteran III Veteran III
Complete 300 “Valley of Death” tournaments.
Champion I Champion I
Win 3 “Valley of Death” tournaments.
Champion II Champion II
Win 20 “Valley of Death” tournaments.
Champion III Champion III
Win 200 “Valley of Death” tournaments.
Hero Hero
Earn 100 character level.
Raider I Raider I
Loot 3 players from enemy nation.
Raider II Raider II
Loot 30 players from enemy nation.
Raider III Raider III
Loot 300 players from enemy nation.
Honoured Honoured
Earn “Honoured” social status.
Legend Legend
Earn “Legend” social status.
Lord Lord
Earn “Lord” social status.
Builder I Builder I
Upgrade 3 objects.
Builder II Builder II
Upgrade 30 objects.
Builder III Builder III
Upgrade 300 objects.
Renovator I Renovator I
Repair 1 object.
Renovator II Renovator II
Repair 10 objects.
Renovator III Renovator III
Repair 100 objects.
Solid citizen Solid citizen
Earn weekly reward for login.
Loyalist Loyalist
Earn monthly reward for login.
The art of falling The art of falling
Die from falling damage.
Lesson learned Lesson learned
Die from drowning.
Hold my beer! Hold my beer!
Die from burning damage.
Conqueror I Conqueror I
Capture 1 flag.
Conqueror II Conqueror II
Capture 10 flags.
Conqueror III Conqueror III
Capture 100 flags.
Bull's eye I Bull’s eye I
Inflict 50 headshots with bow.
Bull's eye II Bull’s eye II
Inflict 500 headshots with bow.
Bull's eye III Bull’s eye III
Inflict 5000 headshots with bow.