Global Outbreak: Doomsday Edition Achievement List

Cadet Cadet
Kill 1,000 enemies
Captain Captain
Kill 5,000 enemies
Commando Commando
Kill 10,000 enemies
Liberator Liberator
Save 10 scientists
Saviour Saviour
Save 30 scientists
Protector Protector
Escort 10 soldiers
Guardian Guardian
Escort 30 soldiers
Handyman Handyman
Repair 10 weapons installations
Colonel Fix It Colonel Fix It
Repair 30 weapons installations
Grenadier Grenadier
Kill 100 enemies with grenades
Destroyer Destroyer
Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels
Money Bags Money Bags
Earn $1,000,000
Pod Slayer Pod Slayer
Kill 50 zompods in ground missions
Pod Of War Pod Of War
Kill 150 zompods in ground missions
Elite Soldier Elite Soldier
Upgrade a soldier to level 20
Hero Hero
Win the game
Pimp My Arsenal Pimp My Arsenal
Unlock and fully upgrade all weapons
Battle Booster Battle Booster
Reach a 50% XP multiplier
Battle Hardened Battle Hardened
Get 10,000 XP in one mission
Specialist Specialist
Max out a single stats on a soldier
Weapon Of Choice Weapon Of Choice
Fully upgrade a weapon
One Man Army One Man Army
Complete a ground mission on the last meteor using a single soldier
Clean Operation Clean Operation
Complete a mission using a single soldier, without taking any damage
No Overtime No Overtime
Win the game with an hour left on the clock
Deliverance Deliverance
Win the game with 50% of the population remaining
No Man Left Behind No Man Left Behind
Win the game without losing a soldier
Rule #1 Rule #1
Be chased by an enemy for 30 seconds