Giant Machines 2017 Achievement List

Rocket Man Rocket Man
Launch a space shuttle
Dumb Ways To Die Dumb Ways To Die
Die in every possible way
Holiday in Cambodia Holiday in Cambodia
Drive 6025m with a THUGZ ZM tow truck
They See Me Rollin' They See Me Rollin’
Turn the wheel of a bucket-wheel excavator
Bulls On Parade Bulls On Parade
Lift a bulldozer blade to the maximum height
Fixxxer Fixxxer
Replace the hoses in a hydraulic excavator
Just Stop Just Stop
Park a haul truck
Knocking On Heaven's Door Knocking On Heaven’s Door
Expand a self-propelled boom crane to the maximum length
Beat It Beat It
Turn on the fuses of a crawler-transporter in two moves
Don't Stop Me Now Don’t Stop Me Now
Use demolition equipment to cut the log
Master Exploder Master Exploder
Make serious damage to a machine
T.N.T. T.N.T.
Destroy a space shuttle
Get Lucky Get Lucky
Set the appropriate battery voltage in one move
Be Quick Or Be Dead Be Quick Or Be Dead
Get the gold medal in each attack mission on time