Ghost 1.0 Achievement List

Caution Caution
Finish the game without killing any neutral service robot.
Good Pupil Good Pupil
Complete the tutorial zone
Cum Laude Cum Laude
Complete the tutorial zone without being harmed.
The Sniper The Sniper
In the first room, destroy all boxes without jumping or walking.
Supremacy 1 Supremacy 1
Survive alarm level 1 without being harmed.
Supremacy 2 Supremacy 2
survive alarm level 2 without being harmed.
Supremacy 3 Supremacy 3
survive alarm level 3 without being harmed.
Supremacy 4 Supremacy 4
Survive alarm level 4 without being harmed.
Total Supremacy Total Supremacy
Survive alarm level 5 without being harmed.
Survival 1 Survival 1
Survive alarm level 1.
Survival 2 Survival 2
Survive alarm level 2.
Survival 3 Survival 3
Survive alarm level 3.
Survival 4 Survival 4
Survive alarm level 4.
Survival 5 Survival 5
Survive alarm level 5.
Survival 6 Survival 6
Survive alarm level 6.
Survival 7 Survival 7
Survive alarm level 7.
Survival 8 Survival 8
Survive alarm level 8.
Survival 9 Survival 9
Survive alarm level 9.
Survival 10 Survival 10
Survive alarm level 10.
Survival 11 Survival 11
Survive alarm level 11.
Survival 12 Survival 12
Survive alarm level 12.
Survival 13 Survival 13
Survive alarm level 13.
Survival 14 Survival 14
Survive alarm level 14.
Survival 15 Survival 15
Survive alarm level 15.
Survival 16 Survival 16
Survive alarm level 16.
Survival 17 Survival 17
Survive alarm level 17.
Survival 18 Survival 18
Survive alarm level 18.
Survival 19 Survival 19
Survive alarm level 19.
Survival 20 Survival 20
Survive alarm level 20.
Collector #1 Collector #1
Collect 5 powerups.
Collector #2 Collector #2
Collect 10 powerups.
Weapon Master Weapon Master
Collect 3 secondary weapons.
Center Center
Complete the center zone
Konnichi Wa Konnichi Wa
Hail 25 service robots in a single game.
Ride in a box Ride in a box
Be carried within a box by a service robot.
Rude Rude
A service robot is killed for not being polite.
Die Hard Die Hard
Defeat 200 punks.
Boxing King Boxing King
Defeat 15 or more punks with a single Megapunch.
Greenhouse Greenhouse
Explore the whole greenhouse.
Strange device Strange device
Find a hidden strange device.
Out of service Out of service
Find the hidden broken robot.
Blow up Blow up
Destroy the big biped.
Quick blow up Quick blow up
Destroy the big biped in 10 or less seconds.
Hidden Achievement
Clearing the path Clearing the path
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Geek Geek
Find one geek item.
Geek master Geek master
Find all geek items.
Green Access Green Access
Obtain the complete Green Card
Purple Access Purple Access
Obtain the complete Purple Card
Red Access Red Access
Obtain the complete Red Card
Total Access Total Access
Obtain the complete Golden Card
Box Up Box Up
Destroy 8 boxes with one jump wave.
Meddlesome Meddlesome
Cut a conversation between two droids by posessing one of them.
Soulman Soulman
Collect all souls in a room.
No secrets No secrets
Collect all souls in the Center Zone.
Plant Girl Plant Girl
Collect all souls in the Greenhouse.
Chemical hidden elements Chemical hidden elements
Collect all souls in the Labs.
Truffle Shuffle Truffle Shuffle
Collect all souls in the Chunker.
Big Capacitor Big Capacitor
Acumulate 5,000 energy cubes.
Energy Overload Energy Overload
Acumulate 10,000 energy cubes.
Tesla Tesla
Acumulate 15,000 energy cubes.
Archon Archon
Acumulate 20,000 energy cubes.
Treason Treason
Kill 100 enemies in a single game using controlled robots.
Hidden Achievement
To Know the character To Know the character
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Recycle Recycle
Kill a robot throwing it into the Chunker’s crushers.
Penitent Penitent
Stay 30 seconds crouched during an alarm phase.
You Win! You Win!
Finish the game.
You Lose! You Lose!
Finish the game with an unhappy ending.
Hidden Achievement
Trolled! Trolled!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Trolled... again! Trolled… again!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Blue Survival Expert Blue Survival Expert
Survive all alarms in the center zone in Survival mode.
Green Survival Expert Green Survival Expert
Survive all alarms in the greenhouse in Survival mode.
Purple Survival Expert Purple Survival Expert
Survive all alarms in the laboratories in Survival mode.
Great Survival Master Great Survival Master
Survive all alarms in the whole Nakamura space station.
Labs Labs
Complete the labs zone.
Chunker Chunker
Explore the whole chunker.
We did it, reddit! We did it, reddit!
Took the naming directions too literally.
Taking it too far Taking it too far
REALLY took the naming directions too literally.
You Beated it! You Beated it!
Finish the game in Medium or Hard difficulty.
You Rocked it! You Rocked it!
Finish the game in Hard difficulty.
The End The End
Finish the game in Classic mode.
Survivor Survivor
Finish the game in Survival mode.
Masochist Masochist
Finish the game having selected the last skill of all Nakamura’s row as soon as they were available.
Skills are for noobs Skills are for noobs
Finish the game without selecting any skill in the Skill Tree.