Gems of War Achievement List

Double Digits Double Digits
Reach level 10
Silver Platter Silver Platter
Reach level 25
Golden Jubilee Golden Jubilee
Reach level 50
Centurion Centurion
Reach level 100
Student Student
Finish the Tutorial
Robber Baron Robber Baron
Capture 2 Kingdoms
Arch Duke Arch Duke
Capture 5 Kingdoms
Prince Regent Prince Regent
Capture 10 Kingdoms
King of Kings King of Kings
Capture 15 Kingdoms
Rabble Rouser Rabble Rouser
Unlock 10 different Troops
Raid Leader Raid Leader
Unlock 25 different Troops
General General
Unlock 50 different Troops
Hordemaster Hordemaster
Unlock 100 different Troops
Challenger Challenger
Defeat any Challenge and gain 1 star
Champion Champion
Master any Challenge by gaining 5 stars
Brawler Brawler
Successfully invade an enemy in PvP
Gladiator Gladiator
Reach rank 10 as an invader in PvP
Reaver Reaver
Reach rank 5 as an invader in PvP
Conqueror Conqueror
Reach rank 1 as an invader in PvP
Fashionista Fashionista
Change your hero’s costume
Team Player Team Player
Join a Guild
Defender Defender
Win a defense battle in PvP
Mentor Mentor
Train any troop to level 10