Gemini Wars Achievement List

Defender Defender
Defended Saruni system from an Alliance offensive
Big Brother Big Brother
Helped the USF forces on Korvus
Raider Raider
Destroyed the Alliance forces on Giomos
People Person People Person
Protected Dogar Prime’s evacuation
Meet Admiral Ragnar
Team Player Team Player
Defeated the Gark at Quelatrix
Academic Defender Academic Defender
Protected Galileu’s scientific teams
Bombarder Bombarder
Used an orbital super cannon
Sheriff Sheriff
Destroyed Roarke’s stronghold
Captain Sparrow Captain Sparrow
Boarded a Gark station
Invader Invader
Completed the infiltration mission on Ngaxu
Savior Savior
Rescued Admiral Robertz
The Saint The Saint
Protected the wounded on Heromon
Killed the Killer Killed the Killer
Destroyed the Gark Planet Destroyer
The sword is mightier The sword is mightier
Destroyed the Gark Stargate
Gemini Hero Gemini Hero
Complete the Gemini Campaign
Tactician Tactician
Destroy 100 enemy ships
Strategist Strategist
Destroy 500 enemy ships
War Master War Master
Destroy 1000 enemy ships
Sky Marshall Sky Marshall
Control 10 Fighter squadrons
Drill Sergeant Drill Sergeant
Train 150.000 marines in a single mission
Colonizer Colonizer
Build 10 colonies
Fleet Commander Fleet Commander
Controls 5 Battlesihips at the same time
Economist Economist
Extract 100.000 Crystals
Speculator Speculator
Extract 500.000 Crystals
Heavy Hand Heavy Hand
Destroy 5 Colonies
Xeno Cleaner Xeno Cleaner
Destroy 100 Gark Ships
Humanity Protector Humanity Protector
Destroy 500 Gark ships
Gunnery Specialist Gunnery Specialist
Use a battleship special ability
Entrenched Entrenched
Build 100 Heavy Turrets