Gemini: Heroes Reborn Achievement List

Red Mouser Red Mouser
Kill a dozen enemies via Deathtraps
Throw All the Things Throw All the Things
TK Throw 1000 Things
Hot Hands Hot Hands
Catch 10 Rockets
Secrets, Secrets Secrets, Secrets
Find 30 Secrets
Hidden Achievement
New Paradigm New Paradigm
Paradox Detected
Nosce Te Ipsum Nosce Te Ipsum
Finished the Opening Tutorial
Adventures in Wonderland Adventures in Wonderland
Learned Time Scout and Time Shift
A Box in the Hand A Box in the Hand
Learned Telekinesis
A Wrinkle A Wrinkle
Learned Time Stop
Something Old Something Old
Introduced to Mason
What Was Up What Was Up
Survived the Elevator Battle
Assembly Assembly
Package Delivered
Search for Truths Search for Truths
Uncovered Alex
From Light From Light
Made it to the Elevator
Old Cages Old Cages
Escaped the Prison
Lost Myself Lost Myself
Found What You Were Looking For
My Only Friend My Only Friend
Best Friends Forever
Deep Cavern Deep Cavern
Dug Deeper
Lost Secrets Lost Secrets
Bonum Nox Bonum Nox
Completed Temporal Loop