Gauge Achievement List

Multi-Billionaire Multi-Billionaire
Score points in limitless mode.
The End ? The End ?
Meow Meow meow meow.
God God
—– —–
Amiga Amiga
Big Bang Big Bang
Origin of Geometry Origin of Geometry
. .
Speed of Light Speed of Light
Score 600.000.000 points in time mode.
Supraluminal Supraluminal
Score 1.500.000.000 points in time mode.
Cautious Cautious
Score points in touch mode.
Thrifty Thrifty
Score 2.500.000.000 points in touch mode.
Super Player Super Player
Score points in hard mode.
Monomaniaque Monomaniaque
Score points in hard mode.
Wanker Wanker
Press the spacebar 5000 times in one game.
Survivor Survivor
Play 1200 seconds straight.
Collector Collector
Get 100 bonuses in one game.
Immortal Immortal
Get 50 lives.
Bicephalous Bicephalous
Play 90 seconds with 2 gauges.
One-armed One-armed
Score points without using second gauge.
Iron arm Iron arm
Score points without using second gauge.
Cheater Cheater
Cheat code activated.
Fast Start Fast Start
Unlock 15 life extensions.
Don't fill the Gauge! Don’t fill the Gauge!
This achievement is here to prevent you from filling achievement gauge to 100%… and die. You can’t unlock it.