Game Corp DX Achievement List

Ricochet 3 Ricochet 3
Publish Half-Life 3
Great ball of fluff! Great ball of fluff!
Publish The Last Guardian
Unique Strategy-Action Unique Strategy-Action
Publish Survivor Squad
Game within a game! Game within a game!
Publish Game Corp DX
$ in the Bank
Experience is king Experience is king
10 Workers with Max XP
Indie sized Indie sized
Hire 4 Workers
Triple-I Triple-I
Publish a Small game
Mid-Core Mid-Core
Publish a Medium game
Publish a Large game
The Pareto Principle The Pareto Principle
Polish a game
One is the loneliest One is the loneliest
Get a game on the top of the charts
Adventure games are not dead! Adventure games are not dead!
Generate $20M with an Adventure game
So much room! So much room!
Expand the build area
Maxed to the Max! Maxed to the Max!
Get a Perfect Worker
We got a following! We got a following!
Get 5000 fans
Brain bending Brain bending
Build a Personnel Enhancement Device
We need a little help We need a little help
Request a Loan
if (gameIsGood) GetMoney(); if (gameIsGood) GetMoney();
Specialize 10 Coders
The shapes are alive! The shapes are alive!
Specialize 10 Artists
Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!
Specialize 10 Sound designers
200 WPM 200 WPM
Specialize 10 Writers
The Greenest City The Greenest City
Relocate to Vancouver
Sin City Sin City
Relocate to Montreal
The Golden Gate The Golden Gate
Relocate to San Francisco
Critical Darling Critical Darling
Get 5 Stars from a Critic