Galaxy Cannon Rider Achievement List

Good Dog Good Dog
Pass through 20 rings of fire.
Fantastic Four Fantastic Four
Reach Level 10 with 4 characters.
Lone Star Lone Star
Finish a ride using only one rider.
Hat Trick Hat Trick
Do 3 eagles in one gameplay.
Avengers, Assembly! Avengers, Assembly!
Reach level 10 with 6 characters.
Circus is in town Circus is in town
Complete Crazy Circus.
Sand in the eyes Sand in the eyes
Complete Sand Village.
Dovah! Dovah!
Complete Icerim.
Dagger Master Dagger Master
Complete Dagger Cliffs.
Bubble Buster Bubble Buster
Complete Blue Bottom.
Master of the Jungle Master of the Jungle
Complete Lost Jungle.
Forget on Fire Forget on Fire
Complete Forge Fields.
Master Rider Master Rider
Reach level 10 with one character.
What's the point? What’s the point?
Get 50 item boxes.
Extra Crazy Mile Extra Crazy Mile
Reach 20 cannons further Crazy Circus’ goal.
Extra Sandy Mile Extra Sandy Mile
Reach 20 cannons further Sand Village’s goal.
Extra Freezing Mile Extra Freezing Mile
Reach 15 cannons further Icerim’s goal.
Extra High Mile Extra High Mile
Reach 15 cannons further Dagger Cliffs’ goal.
Extra Blue Bottom Extra Blue Bottom
Reach 10 cannons further Blue Bottom’s goal.
Extra Jungle Mile Extra Jungle Mile
Reach 10 cannons further Lost Jungle’s goal.
Extra Forge Mile Extra Forge Mile
Reach 10 cannons further Forge Fields’ goal.
Galaxy Cannon Rider Galaxy Cannon Rider
Unlock all worlds.