Galactineers Achievement List

Customizer Customizer
Customize your player colour
Level 1 Ship Designer Level 1 Ship Designer
Build a level 1 ship
Level 2 Ship Designer Level 2 Ship Designer
Build a level 2 ship
Level 3 Ship Designer Level 3 Ship Designer
Build a level 3 ship
Level 4 Ship Designer Level 4 Ship Designer
Build a level 4 ship
Level 5 Ship Designer Level 5 Ship Designer
Build a level 5 ship
Level 1 Commander Level 1 Commander
Build 10 level 1 ships
Level 2 Commander Level 2 Commander
Build 10 level 2 ships
Level 3 Commander Level 3 Commander
Build 10 level 3 ships
Level 4 Commander Level 4 Commander
Build 10 level 4 ships
Level 5 Commander Level 5 Commander
Build 10 level 5 ships
Caranum Researcher Caranum Researcher
Research a Caranum aspect
Morgrax Researcher Morgrax Researcher
Research a Morgrax aspect
Harv's Researcher Harv’s Researcher
Research a Harv’s aspect
Pirates Researcher Pirates Researcher
Research a Pirates aspect
Level 2 Tycoon Level 2 Tycoon
Research World Level 2
Level 3 Tycoon Level 3 Tycoon
Research World Level 3
Level 4 Tycoon Level 4 Tycoon
Research World Level 4
Level 5 Tycoon Level 5 Tycoon
Research World Level 5
Jumper Jumper
Use a Jump Portal with a ship
Crafter Crafter
Produce an item in the foundry
Solo Fighter Solo Fighter
Win a singleplayer PVE mission
Team Fighter Team Fighter
Win a cooperative PVE mission
Opponent Opponent
Win a PVP battle