Galactic Bowling Achievement List

Flawless Finish Flawless Finish
Bowl a perfect game in Regular Mode
The Chosen One The Chosen One
Complete game on any difficulty without losing a match
Spin Doctor Spin Doctor
Bowl a turkey using spin on all 3 strikes
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
Jump the gap in Warp without using the Nitrous ball
Twinkle Toes Twinkle Toes
Get a strike during the Earthquake whammy
Speedy Pinzales Speedy Pinzales
Knock over 5 pins in Tilt mode
Ladies Man Ladies Man
Beat all female opponents with Max or John in Single Player
Master Thief Master Thief
Use the Steal whammy 5 times in one match
Quick Willy Quick Willy
Get a strike with the Ghost ball against the Blocker whammy
Cookin' with Gas Cookin’ with Gas
Clear the gap in Warp using the Nitrous ball
Triple Sacked Triple Sacked
Bowl a turkey in any mode
Shark Sandwich Shark Sandwich
Beat Max in Battle mode as the Shark in Australia
Girls Night Out Girls Night Out
Beat all male opponents with Kendra or Shaniqua in Single Player
Look Mommy I won Look Mommy I won
Won your first game
Try Try Again Try Try Again
Lost your first game
Noob Noob
Played 10 games
Grommet Grommet
Played 100 games
Bragging Rights Bragging Rights
Played 1000 games
On A Roll On A Roll
Win 10 games online
Lane Master Lane Master
Win 25 games online
Master Chief Master Chief
Win 100 games online
Globetrotter Globetrotter
Play All Earth Lanes
Star Trekker Star Trekker
Play All Galactic Lanes
Nemesis Nemesis
Beat the same character you are in a multiplayer match
Partial Credit Partial Credit
Unlocked 50% of achievements
Full Credit Full Credit
Unlocked all achievements
Turkey Dinner Turkey Dinner
Win a multiplayer match using the turkey in Turkey Hunt
Champion Among Friends Champion Among Friends
Win 5 online matches in a row
710 710
Pick up the 7 10 split without using the Split ball
10 Turkeys 10 Turkeys
Hit 10 turkeys in Turkey Hunt