Galacide Achievement List

Combo Breaker Combo Breaker
Get a combo of 5
High Roller High Roller
Get 1 million points in Endless Play
1 Up 1 Up
Get 500,000 points in Endless Play
Combo Master Combo Master
Reach a combo of 15
Combo Legend Combo Legend
Reach a combo of 25
Taking Out the Trash Taking Out the Trash
Get 750 bit clears in a level
We've Got Hostiles We’ve Got Hostiles
Get 500 kills in a level
Space Truckin' Space Truckin’
Beat Level 1. Unlocks the Freighter ship.
Set Phasers to Kill Set Phasers to Kill
Beat the boss and get to threat level 6 in Endless Play. Unlocks the Phase ship.
Threat Level Midnight Threat Level Midnight
Get to threat level 10 in Endless Play
Bit by Bit Bit by Bit
Clear 25,000 Bits.
Galacide Galacide
Kill 10,000 Enemies.
Big Plays Big Plays
Get a clear of 10 or more, 10 times.
Snake Charmer Snake Charmer
Beat the snake boss on any difficulty
Multi-Master Multi-Master
Complete 10 multi-matches
Bombastic Bombastic
Destroy 3 enemies in a bomb’s explosion
The Final Frontier The Final Frontier
Travel a total distance of 500,000 parsecs.
Hat Trick Hat Trick
Kill 3 enemies in one phase ship charge shot.
War Rig War Rig
Store 3 bombs in the freighter’s cargo.
Scholar of the First Bit Scholar of the First Bit
Clear puzzle mode
Automotive Professional Automotive Professional
Complete a Multi-match
Fire Ze Missiles Fire Ze Missiles
Beat level 6. Unlocks the military ship.