GabeN: The Final Decision Achievement List

Robin Defeated Robin Defeated
Defeat that traitor!
Nihilanth Defeated Nihilanth Defeated
Defeat the Xen Leader, Nihilanth!
Earth Illuminati Commander Utterly Destroyed! Earth Illuminati Commander Utterly Destroyed!
Utterly destroy that illuminati boss!
Fire Illuminati Commander Rekt! Fire Illuminati Commander Rekt!
Completely wreck that commander!
Ice Illuminati Commander Burned... Ice Illuminati Commander Burned…
KIll that commander with your sick burns! (Mixtape not included)
Administrator murdered. Administrator murdered.
Kill the Administrator before she relays her dangerous information to the rest of the admins!
The cake really is a lie! The cake really is a lie!
Kill GLaDOS and shut down her systems.
Wallace Breen Defeated. Wallace Breen Defeated.
Kill the last admin alive, Wallace Breen.
Combine Tank in Smithereens! Combine Tank in Smithereens!
Destroy the Combine Tank guarding the eastern gate!
Illuminati Leader Killed! Illuminati Leader Killed!
Finally, you defeated the Illuminati! Or did you…
Half Life 3 Confirmed?! Half Life 3 Confirmed?!
Ok so now you defeated the Illuminati! Congrats! Now you can release Half Life 3! Or can you…
Mike's Redemption. Mike’s Redemption.
Congratulations! You beat GabeN: The Final Decision! Feel free to uninstall.