FX Football – The Manager for Every Football Fan Achievement List

Lucky charm Lucky charm
Win the same competition 3 times.
Winner Winner
Win any 3 leagues.
Collector Collector
Win 5 titles in any country.
Efficient Efficient
Play 2 consecutive finals in the same competition with any team.
Lost finals Lost finals
Lose 2 finals of the same competition with any team.
Jinxed Jinxed
Fall 3 times in the same qualifying round of a certain competition.
Chosen One Chosen One
Promote one or several teams to a higher division at least 2 times.
Savior Savior
Save one or several teams from relegation at least 2 times.
International International
Classify one or more teams for the FX Europe Cup or the FX Euro League at least 3 times.
Giant Killer Giant Killer
Win 5 games against superior teams during the same season.
Derby expert Derby expert
Pull off at least 3 wins and 2 ties against the same rival in 5 consecutive derbies.
Specialist Specialist
Under your leadership, a player is named MVP of the league in his position.
Attacker Attacker
Manage the team with the top scorer of the season.
Defender Defender
Manage the team with the least amount of goals conceded in a single season.
Professor Professor
Give 3 youth division footballers the chance to play 20 games each (as starters or substitutes).
Wanderer Wanderer
Manage a full season in two different countries.
Double Double
Win 2 titles in a single season.
Triple Triple
Win 3 titles in a single season.
Hidden Achievement
Not so fast Not so fast
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?