Fuego! Achievement List

Those Who Remained Those Who Remained
Complete chapter 1
Justified Justified
Complete chapter 2
The Dead, The Dying The Dead, The Dying
Complete chapter 3
Reflection Reflection
Complete chapter 4
Before The Devil Knows Before The Devil Knows
Complete chapter 5
Goose Egg Goose Egg
Scare 50 chickens
Desecrated Desecrated
Desecrate 25 graves
To The Lost To The Lost
Nobody survives the shootout (Online or AI modes)
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
Shoot a friendly bandito who hasn’t fired yet
Friendliest Fire Friendliest Fire
Have a bandito’s bullet hit themself
Triggernometry Triggernometry
Shoot an enemy with a twice-ricocheted bullet (Online or AI modes)
Blood And Gold Blood And Gold
Steal 100 gold from enemy banditos
The Hand That Feeds The Hand That Feeds
Steal 50 gold from friendly banditos
Soaked Soaked
Steal gold that has already been stolen 3 times (Online or AI modes)
No Good Deed No Good Deed
Have a bandito take the hit for a friend
Pacifist Pacifist
Your 4-gunned bandito missed every bullet (Online or AI modes)
Bringing Guns To A Fistfight Bringing Guns To A Fistfight
Have every bandito get into a brawl (Online or AI modes)
Devil's Pact I Devil’s Pact I
Condemn a bandito with a pentagram (Online or AI modes)
Devil's Pact II Devil’s Pact II
Kill a condemned bandito (Online or AI modes)
Flamingo! Flamingo!
Kill all enemies, get all gold (Online or AI modes)