Fruit Ninja VR Achievement List

Fruit Fight Fruit Fight
Kill 500 Fruit Total
Fruit Blitz Fruit Blitz
Kill 2,000 fruit total
Fruit Frenzy Fruit Frenzy
Kill 5,000 fruit total
Fruit Rampage Fruit Rampage
Kill 10,000 fruit total
Fruit Annihilation Fruit Annihilation
Kill 50,000 fruit total
Combo Master Combo Master
Slice 10 fruit in one combo
Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja
Get a score of 50 or more in Classic mode
Great Fruit Ninja Great Fruit Ninja
Get a score of 100 in Classic Mode
Ultimate Fruit Ninja Ultimate Fruit Ninja
Get a score of 200 in Classic Mode
Moment of Zen Moment of Zen
Achieve a score of 200 in Zen Mode
Over Achiever Over Achiever
Get a score of over 1000 after all bonuses in Arcade Mode
Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me?!
Fail with the same score as personal best
Basket Case Basket Case
Destroy a Basket Enemy
Pineapple Express Pineapple Express
Slice 1000 Pineapples
Santa's Clause Santa’s Clause
Play a round during the Christmas event