Frozen Cortex Achievement List

Rite of PASSage Rite of PASSage
Pass the ball for the first time
Contender Contender
Win your first Knockout match
Competitor Competitor
Win your first Online match
Big Player Big Player
Get more than 7 points on a play
High Roller High Roller
Get 11 or more points on a play
Mr Smith at Number 22 Mr Smith at Number 22
Win an online match using only running plays
Real Cowboys Real Cowboys
Concede more than 28 points in an online match
Match Fixer Match Fixer
Bet on yourself to lose
Bricks Bricks Bricks Bricks Bricks Bricks
Get over $5000 in any league mode
This Game Has Blocks Too This Game Has Blocks Too
Get over 8 blocks in a match
Benchwarmers Benchwarmers
Win a League without ever buying a player
Hidden Achievement
Emergency Turbot Emergency Turbot
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Beat Bin Beat Bin
Defeat Bin in an online match