Front Office Football Seven Achievement List

Bargain Shopper Bargain Shopper
You signed your first free agent
Executive Privilege Executive Privilege
You won a battle for a contested free agent
Diamond in the Rough Diamond in the Rough
You drafted a seventh rounder who started a game
Wheeler Dealer Wheeler Dealer
You made your first trade
Tough as Nails Tough as Nails
You released your first player
Gleaner of Talent Gleaner of Talent
You made your first draft pick
Hidden Achievement
Currying Favor Currying Favor
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Wizard of Wall Street Wizard of Wall Street
Your team led the league in profit
Civil Obedience Civil Obedience
You built a new stadium for your franchise
Midnight Marauder Midnight Marauder
You moved your franchise to a new city
Prestidigitator Prestidigitator
You completed your first season of simulation
Master Puppeteer Master Puppeteer
You won your first game while calling the plays
Gridiron Mastermind Gridiron Mastermind
You made changes to your basic offensive game plan
Veteran GM Veteran GM
Run a franchise for 50 seasons
Plenty of Skittles Plenty of Skittles
Your player had a 40-yard touchdown run
Bombs Away Bombs Away
Your player had a 90-yard touchdown pass
The Gunslinger The Gunslinger
Your player threw for 400 yards in a game
Scoring Machine Scoring Machine
Your player threw for 40 touchdowns in a season
All Star Roster All Star Roster
You had four first-team all-league players
Post-Season Award Post-Season Award
Your team reached the playoffs
Bill Belichick Award Bill Belichick Award
Your team reached the playoffs for the 13th time
Front Office Bowl Award Front Office Bowl Award
Your team won the Front Office Bowl
One for the Thumb One for the Thumb
Your team won its fifth Front Office Bowl
Immortal Award Immortal Award
A player reached the Hall of Fame and will wear your team cap
A Hundred Wins A Hundred Wins
Your team has won 100 games
A Thousand Wins A Thousand Wins
Your team has won 1,000 games
Norm Van Brocklin Award Norm Van Brocklin Award
554 yards passing in a game
Sid Luckman Award Sid Luckman Award
Seven passing touchdowns in a game
Flipper Anderson Award Flipper Anderson Award
336 receiving yards in a game
Adrian Peterson Award Adrian Peterson Award
296 rushing yards in a game
Drew Bledsoe Award Drew Bledsoe Award
45 pass completions in a game
Jamie Morris Award Jamie Morris Award
45 rushing attempts in a game
LeRoy Irvin Award LeRoy Irvin Award
207 punt return yards in a game
Peyton Manning Award Peyton Manning Award
5,477 yards passing in a season
Jason Witten Award Jason Witten Award
110 receptions in a season for a tight end
Randy Moss Award Randy Moss Award
23 touchdown receptions in a season
Eric Dickerson Award Eric Dickerson Award
2,105 rushing yards in a season
Marvin Harrison Award Marvin Harrison Award
143 receptions in a season
Matthew Stafford Award Matthew Stafford Award
727 pass attempts in a season
Iron Curtain Iron Curtain
250 points or less allowed in a season
Lighting it Up Lighting it Up
450 points or more scored in a season
Ground and Pound Ground and Pound
2,400 or more rushing yards in a season
Impenetrable Object Impenetrable Object
1,250 or less rushing yards allowed in a season
The Air Up There The Air Up There
4,800 or more passing yards in a season
Secondary Success Secondary Success
3,200 or less passing yards allowed in a season
Brett Favre Award Brett Favre Award
61,655 career yards passing for your team
Jerry Rice Award Jerry Rice Award
1,281 career receptions for your team
John Hannah Award John Hannah Award
500 career key run blocks for your team
Walter Payton Award Walter Payton Award
21,803 career all-purpose yards for your team
Bruce Smith Award Bruce Smith Award
171 career sacks for your team
Josh Cribbs Award Josh Cribbs Award
10,015 career kick return yards for your team
Bruce Matthews Award Bruce Matthews Award
292 career starts for your team
Don Coryell Award Don Coryell Award
Win a game with less than ten rushing attempts
Chuck Noll Award Chuck Noll Award
Win a game with 40 or more rushing attempts
Pats and Fins Award Pats and Fins Award
Your team went undefeated in the regular season
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzing Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzing
Your team sacked the quarterback five times in a game
Bill Walsh Award Bill Walsh Award
Your quarterback completed 80% of his passes in a game
Shut them Down Shut them Down
Your team earned its first shutout
Da Bears Award Da Bears Award
Your team held an opponent under 200 total yards
Lonely Punter Lonely Punter
Your team went an entire game without punting the ball
Ernie Banks Award Ernie Banks Award
Your team won its first overtime game
Joe Montana Award Joe Montana Award
Your team won a playoff game by more than 20 points
Eat a Fiftyburger Eat a Fiftyburger
Your team scored 50 points in a game
Football Economics Football Economics
Your team won a game when scoring less than ten points
Hidden Achievement
Ryan Leaf Award Ryan Leaf Award
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hearty Breakfast Hearty Breakfast
One of your players had four or more pancacke blocks
Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Blocked Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Blocked
One of your players had 16 or more tackles
Legend of the Fall Legend of the Fall
One of your players was named Legend of the Game
Full House Award Full House Award
Your team had 100% attendance for a season
It was a Rather Blustery Day It was a Rather Blustery Day
Your team won in winds of 40 miles per hour
Ice in Your Veins Ice in Your Veins
Your team had 12 or more third down conversions in a game
Herb's Award Herb’s Award
You had a season evaluation score of 90 or better
Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoulder Pads Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoulder Pads
Your team was involved in a tie game
Budget Like It's Capitol Hill Budget Like It’s Capitol Hill
Spend more on bonus money than salary in a year
Worst to First Award Worst to First Award
You went from last place in your division last season to first place this season
Wall Street Award Wall Street Award
Your franchise is worth $2 billion
Cardiac Arrest Cardiac Arrest
Your team came from behind to win in the fourth quarter
Hidden Achievement
The Truest Easter Egg The Truest Easter Egg
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?