Framed Wings Achievement List

Adventure Awaits Adventure Awaits
Started a new game for the first time.
Sword Obtained Sword Obtained
Obtained your very first weapon.
Shield Obtained Shield Obtained
Obtained a shield to defend yourself with.
Boss Killer Boss Killer
Defeated your very first boss enemy.
Quest Complete Quest Complete
Completed your very first quest.
Hot Steel Hot Steel
Crafted the Blaze Sword.
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Found an extremely rare ruby.
Novice Magician Novice Magician
Learned your very first spell.
Faster, Stronger Faster, Stronger
Gained your first level up.
Hidden Boss Hidden Boss
Defeated the secret hidden boss.
Money Bags Money Bags
Collected a total of 10,000 gold.
Bow Obtained Bow Obtained
Obtained the bow.
Bombs Away Bombs Away
Entered a hidden chamber using a bomb.
Open Sesame Open Sesame
Unlocked a sealed chest.
Pirate's Life Pirate’s Life
Defended the pirate ship from an enemy attack.
Farewell Sewers Farewell Sewers
Escaped from the unpleasant sewer labyrinth.
Arena King Arena King
Defeated all five rounds of the Battle Arena.
Mighty Warrior Mighty Warrior
Reached level 30.
Dream State Dream State
Completed the Flight of Fancy quest.
Glorious Victory Glorious Victory
Beat the game.